The H-Token Galileo is a high-security storage device designed for the needs of the mobile workforce and users. It allows connecting to smart phones, tablets, and laptops over Bluetooth as well as by using a USB cable. The internal rechargeable battery allows offline usage for retrieving sensitive information from the device, such as passwords and credit card data.

The H-Token Galileo allows implementing a bi-directional, end-to-end, encrypted, mutually authenticated, out-of-band channel, between the e-banking server and the device firmware. The secret PIN can be entered directly using the touchpad and the transactions details can be shown and verified on the integrated display.

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  • Capacity: 512MB (default), 1GB-4GB
  • Multi-partitioned Flash (CD,R/O,R/W,E,H)
  • Anti-Tampering Protection
  • Cryptographic Smart Card Chip
  • Bus/Memory encryption
  • Secured against DPA/SPA attacks
  • Secure PIN entry using the integrated touch keypad
  • Real-time Clock (RTC)
  • USB 2.0, Bluetooth, CE, FCC, RoHS

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mTan & OOB Methods
Why Secure Browser?
Keystroke and Mouse Logging
PDF Form Spoofing
Keystroke and Event Emulation
Static Code Dumping & Patching
Session Hijacking
Dynamic Code Dumping And Patching
Social Engineering & Interface Manipulation
Window Overlay and Event Emulation
Screen Capturing


Successful hacking always leverages flaws in both the underlying technology as well as in our understanding of the transaction process. The short videos provided in this section try to fill this gap by describing how typical e-banking sessions are hacked and the key vulnerabilities exploited in each case.

We'd love to hear from you: let us know if you experienced any of such attacks and if you have any others to report.

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Achieving good practical security requires the collaboration of informed users: basic knowledge of online security practices can go a long way to avoiding the majority of online frauds. Here you can find some resources of growing complexity to guide you through what our products do and why they provide outstanding practical security.

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Hardware Specifications

Size 78mm x 52mm x 13.2mm
Display 2" FSTN LCD
Display Resolution 192x64
Display Colors Monochromatic
Battery 400 mAh Li-Po
Memory Endurance 5000 Program/Erase Cycles
Data Retention JEDEC comlpiant

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Testimonials from our Partners & Customers:

Your products gave me the peace of mind I needed to believe that Internet can still be
a safe place for our business. James Cooley, COO (UK)

The EISST team is the best I have interacted with and your support is excellent.
Jayakaran Paul, Technology Risk Manager, (UAE)

...no other solutions and products can match the range and strength of your protection
mechanisms. Compass Security Audit (CH)

Doing out of band transaction verification with your device provides our most valued
customers with the level of service and security they expect. Hans Bloch, CISO (FR)

Your products provide state of the art protections without losing sight of the need to
keep security usable. James Polster, CISSP (USA)